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Our dilapidations experts comprehensively understand the legalities of this complex field and work hard to ensure the property assets of our clients are maximised and maintained. Our bespoke process saves clients significant costs, whether you are a landlord or tenant.

Project Management, Contract Administration and Design

We offer a comprehensive project management, contract administration, cost-control and architectural design service. From the start to completion of a project, our surveying experts will make sure your budget is maintained and your project delivered to an excellent standard at the best value possible.

Building Surveys

We have a comprehensive understanding of how buildings are put together. We inspect properties thoroughly, consider potential risk areas carefully and advise our clients on potential future issues that may impact business decisions.

Schedules of Condition

Our expert team can prepare invaluable reference documentation about a property’s condition at a specific point in time. We advise any potential tenant to take the opportunity of preparing a schedule of condition as it will minimise risk and cost at the end of a lease. Do you also act for landlords?

Portfolio Acquisition Surveys

We’re dedicated to construction and property and passionate about buildings. Our in-depth acquisition surveys highlight issues that are likely to be experienced in the property’s lifecycle, including defects, risks, shortfalls and associated costs to repair these issues.

Building Condition Surveys

Our unrivalled knowledge of construction and property allows us to help clients understand the current state of their building. Through our building condition surveys, clients can prioritise repair or maintenance and set considered budgets.

Planned Maintenance Programmes

We’re experts in creating planned maintenance programmes that set out each item’s lifespan and the repairs needed each year to keep your building at a high standard. This process significantly reduces the risks of interruption to business through closure or suspension due to poor building condition.

Multi-facet Surveys

We work extensively with clients to create multi-facet surveys. Through our detailed assessment of the property, we will highlight and prioritise any risks, so that clients can plan repairs and manage their budget efficiently.

Building Cost Reinstatement Assessments

By undertaking a measured survey of your property and recording its construction, we can compile a building cost reinstatement. The costs associated with demolition and construction in the event of an insurance claim are then calculated and the building is insured for this value.

Defects Analysis & Rectification

Our experienced team can advise you on how your property has been put together and identify the cause of any defects or weak areas associated with materials and workmanship. After meticulous analysis of your property, we can support you in rectifying any issues quickly and efficiently.

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